Reps Leads Meetup Summary

The Mozilla Reps Council and module Peers met for 2 days over this weekend to solidify plans for 2014 and re-calibrate the vision and goals of Reps in general to align with our ambitious organisational goals around growing community. Traditionally billed as Council meetings, these bi-yearly sessions are designed to get the project leaders together to work on planning and strategy for the program. The program has made a huge impact, but to ensure continued impact we have to continually assess the program to make improvements and work on future strategy. The Council provides the general vision of the program and oversees day-to-day operations globally. The Peers oversee the Council and provide input and vision on the program in general. Also at the meeting were guests William Reynolds (Community Tools, including, Konstantina Papadea (Budget and Swag), Michelle Thorne (Foundation), Marcia Knous (QA), and Rosana Ardila (SUMO).

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Paris Wrap-Up

Some random thoughts on the weekend just passed in Paris.

Mozilla Addons Workshop (MAOW08)

Good venue, well equipped. The audience was spit into different perspectives but there were screens and televisions scattered around making sure every could see and hear the speakers.

– I enjoyed Wladimir‘s talk. It focused less on popups (or lack of them) and more on the community model and mechanics of maintaining a successful extension. Apparenly 5% of Firefox users approximately use AdBlock Plus, which converts to about 1% of the total Internet user population. Not small numbers on the grand scale of things.

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