OSCON Report – Mozilla Reps, Mayors, Community and Change


The Mozilla Reps Council submitted a talk early on when the CFP was announced. The talk, titled ‘How To Multiply Your Community By A Factor Of X‘ seemed like a perfect fit for the Community track. The goal was two-fold, to get the word out about what we are doing in the Reps program, and to learn from other open source communities. Some last-minute shuffling meant that only one member of the Reps Council (myself) could go, but luckily we have a great Rep locally in Portland (Benjamin Kerensa) who jumped in to co-present with me. Our slides are at htmlpad.org/remo-oscon-2012/. I took some pictures, check out the set on Flickr.

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Mozilla Represented at OSCON 2012

This week is OSCON week in Portland, and Mozilla as always has a strong presence. If you are near, come and visit us. Even if you haven’t registered, day passes are available.

The Mozilla Reps program is getting in on the act. Local Rep Benjamin Kerensa and I are presenting ‘How to Multiply Your Community By A Power Of X‘. We’ll be talking about the Reps Program. In particular, where does it fit in in the general Mozilla community, how the project works, our successes so far, and challenges we have had. We’ll be picking the brains of folks in other open source communities to get ideas on how we can do things better.

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WordPress Surprise

Today I opened Firefox 3.6 to test an add-on I am working on (yes, many still support it) and saw this notice in the WordPress Dashboard.

Well, it is not a surprise really, as WordPress has been doing great things for the Web to move it forward since it’s inception. They are Open Source. The platform gets better and better with each release. They have a viable business via Automattic. WordPress and Firefox have always played nice together. There are plenty of add-ons available to enhance your WordPress experience. I could go on…

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FOSDEM 2010 Mozilla Talks, And You

Image by Phillie Casablanca via Flickr

The FOSDEM 2010 Front Page countdown says says there are 32 days to go. Mozilla has a dev room ready to go, like previous years. Two years ago at FOSDEM we celebrated 10 years of Mozilla, this year it is 10 years of FOSDEM.

The schedule for the Mozilla dev room is not yet finalised. This year we want to mix it up a bit, and promote cross-pollination talks between various Open Source projects present. One good example of this is Firefox and Maemo, the latter being the first Mobile platform that Firefox has reached RC status on. The schedule is usually packed but we may trim it down a little this year to allow Mozillians to roam the corridors and find talks in other areas that interest them.

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