MozCamp Run-Up

The latest MozCamp, this time in Warsaw, is approaching fast and it will be the best ever. I want to get the word out about a few things:

  1. Will you be in Warsaw on Thursday 6th before MozCamp? If so, come and join us at an event at Reaktor. We’ll be talking about Firefox OS, WebFWD, and all the goodness of the Open Web. Sign up here.
  2. I have started my Mozilla Mission. If you are attending, you should too! More details about the Buddy Program.
  3. I’ll be contributing to a WebFWD session. Curious? Sign up here (see bottom of the page) if you are interested and pre-submit your questions.
  4. The schedule will action packed, with some fantastic talks and speakers. It is going to be completed this week, so continue to check in and find out what sessions you want to attend.

That’s it for now. Make sure to join #mozcamp on IRC, and keep checking the wiki for the latest developments.

UPDATE 1 : The schedule is now (mostly) filled out. Have a look to see what sessions you want to attend.

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Happy Campers

Mozilla may not have rock stars, but what it does have is fantastic contributors and community members. As a mentor in the Mozilla Reps program, I am getting to know more and more. At MozCamp last weekend, it was great to meet some of them. These folks are doing great things on the ground in their communities and regions, not only getting the word out about Mozilla but shaping the future of Mozilla and the Web.

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