Roundup Of Recent Firefox OS Launches in Europe

Team Subotica 28 Dec

2013 was an intense but extremely rewarding year for Mozilla. The personal highlight for me was seeing Firefox OS phones go on sale. Something that I’ve been spending much of my time on is working with our local communities to support them in their launch activities. We’ve wrapped up what we called our Wave 2 launches of Firefox OS (Wave 1 finished at the end of Summer). Read the official blog posts — Part 1 and Part 2. I want to say a few words and share some media about the Wave 2 launches in Europe, specifically Hungary, Greece, Serbia, and Italy.

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Firefox Mobile Add-ons – One Small Step for Mankind

By small in the title, I mean small devices. One large step was taken in the Fennec add-ons ecosystem over the weekend at the Mozilla/Maemo get together in Copenhagen [pictures, tweets]. Present were a large chunk of the Fennec developement team, add-on developers, localisers, and community members. We shared the space with Maemo developers and community members, and while there was not much overlap during sessions and hacking, there were some useful discussions on how we can work better together. The weekend was a mix of sessions and hacking, with the focus more on the latter. We ported add-ons, made new ones, found bugs, and had discussions on best practices and ways to improve the user experience. Here is a mini-report of what went down, from an add-ons perspective.

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