Mozilla Reps Companion Introduction

A few weeks ago the first version of the Mozilla Reps Companion (install page) add-on was released. The Companion is built using the Add-ons SDK. The source code is on github, so contributions are welcome. The add-on is mostly targeted at Reps right now, but we’ll be adding more features based on different roles in the program, e.g. for mentors, as well as making it useful for a broader audience. If you have ideas or find bugs, please get in contact with me or file a bug (Product: Mozilla Reps, Component: Add-on).

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ReMo Add-on Planning

Over the weekend we had an intense, but productive and fun, ReMo council meeting. For the uninitiated ReMo is the Mozilla Reps program that aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to become official reresentatives of Mozilla. Read more on the wiki pages and William’s blog.

One of the short brainstorming sessions was for the ReMo add-on that I will be starting shortly. Let me know if you want to get involved. There are plans for a Mobile version and perhaps a native Mobile app, but here I will talk only about the desktop Firefox add-on. The basic idea is to use Jetpack technology and split development into 2 phases. The add-on is primarily aimed at Mozilla Reps but I can see it being useful to anyone who is interested in the program.

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Add-ons: To SDK Or Not To SDK

Myk Melez’s recent post on the Jetpack project 2011 roadmap is timely. Firefox 4 final is approaching fast. Quite a decent percentage of add-on authors have updated their add-on already. For those who have not, I imagine some are wondering whether they should migrate from the traditional XUL add-on approach to using the SDK. It’s worth noting that there are already many SDK add-ons out in the wild, most conceived as new ideas.

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MAOW London Rundown

On Wednesday, a very hot day in London Town, the last day in June, we had a Mozilla Add-ons Workshop. It was a day without football, and while England may have been knocked out, everyone seemed in fine spirits. A fitting day, as Mozilla Add-ons was fast approaching the 2 billion download mark. A fine achievement and testament to the extensibility of the Firefox and Mozilla platforms.

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The Texas Experience

If there is such a thing as event overload this is it. Being a newbie, it was overwhelming at first. I had bought a platinum badge (Interactive and Film), being naive enough to think I'd take in some movie panels and screenings. Wishful thinking.