Mozilla At FOSDEM 2013 Call For Proposals

This is a post by Benoit Leseul, Rep from Belgium and point man for Mozilla participation at FOSDEM, and wordsmith Claire Corgnou who is a woman of many talents including writing for Bonjour Mozilla.


Like each year since 2003, Mozilla will have a Developer Room at Fosdem. Fosdem (Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting) is simply one of the greatest events in Europe around free and open source software development: it is THE place to be, to know everything is happening about FLOSS, to meet people… and to have fun! Fosdem is held, during the first weekend of February, in Brussels (Belgium), a very nice city, with the best fries you could ever eat ;-)

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Here are my slides from eLiberatica.

A lot of context is lost but you will get the general idea. In case you are wondering, the Giant is you … everyone in the FOSS cycle from devs to consumers.

FOSS, Business, and Bucharest

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I’ll be in great company talking this coming week at the eLiberatica conference in Bucharest (see blurb below). … Hope to see you there.

While I am used to giving more technical talks, this time around I will be focusing on something a little different. To fit in with the general theme of the conference, my focus will be on how small and medium size businesses can use FOSS software to get a kick-start on the road to success. The FOSS software pool is getting larger all the time. Whether you run a product model business, or a service orientated one, there is something for everyone. One size fits all is not the case. I’ll be trying to get the message across that there are great opportunities if you take the plunge, with a few tips on how to choose the right tools and technologies to fit your needs.

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