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The Firefox Menu

[See also the follow-up post from beltzner] One of the new upcoming features in Firefox 4 will be the Firefox menu on Windows and Linux. The goal is to have no menu bar by default, and for the Firefox menu to be a single button in a shorter title bar. I’ve been following this feature […]

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Xultris : Mobile Add-on Game Goodness

While I’m not a gamer in general, I do love retro-games. I’ve been thinking that on Mobile, games provide great opportunities for Firefox add-on developers. They are a great way to spend that short bus ride, for example. I think there should be a Games category on Mozilla Add-ons. At Briks we wanted to showcase […]

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MAOW London Rundown

On Wednesday, a very hot day in London Town, the last day in June, we had a Mozilla Add-ons Workshop. It was a day without football, and while England may have been knocked out, everyone seemed in fine spirits. A fitting day, as Mozilla Add-ons was fast approaching the 2 billion download mark. A fine […]

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Hack the Browser, London Style

Calling all software developers in the UK and Ireland. If you are interested in the Web, an event not to miss is the upcoming Mozilla Add-ons Workshop in London. It is an evening event scheduled for 6:30pm -10:30pm on 30 June. We’ll be talking about extending Firefox, the latest and upcoming happenings on the Mozilla […]

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On Giving Talks

I do quite a lot of public speaking. I was never formally taught, nor have I actively done much to improve my technique. Rather, it has grown organically and I’ve become more confident (and hopefully better) over time. One thing I have done is read the Presentation Zen book to try and improve how I […]

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Collecting Add-ons In More Applications

If you are an add-on fan and missed the Mozilla Add-ons blog post about the new Add-on Collector release (1.1), be sure and go and read it: Add-on Collector now supports Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and Mobile This is a project that Dave and I at Briks really enjoy working on. The challenge for this release was […]

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More Jetpack Goodness

Herein lies some random Jetpack snippets of information. The Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge is coming to the end of Phase 2. Judging commences today on the wonderful entries, with up to 5 teams being chosen to go to the design camp in Texas before SXSW Interactive in March. I’ve added a tiny Jetpack to […]

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Flickr Find

Introducing Flickr Find

Did you ever need that perfect image for a presentation you were doing? Flickr Find makes it easy. Creative Commons images are returned by default, but you can make an easy change to search all images. Requirements Firefox 3.6 or greater Jetpack Add-on 0.7 or greater Install Flickr Find is available at the Jetpack Gallery. […]

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Slupper - File upload

File Upload in a Jetpack – Slupper

I was really impressed with the File Upload demo on Mozilla Hacks because it mixed in a few nice technologies like XHR upload progress events, Canvas, and the File API new in Firefox 3.6. It turns out that I needed to talk about some of the things in last week’s Jetpack for Learning seminar. So […]

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FOSDEM 2010 Mozilla Talks, And You

Image by Phillie Casablanca via Flickr The FOSDEM 2010 Front Page countdown says says there are 32 days to go. Mozilla has a dev room ready to go, like previous years. Two years ago at FOSDEM we celebrated 10 years of Mozilla, this year it is 10 years of FOSDEM. The schedule for the Mozilla […]

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