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Pretty Install

Pretty Install

There was a plan to turn the Firefox add-on install dialog into a doorhanger dialog (bug 588266). This has been abandoned in favour of an approach using tabs (bug 643020). Rather than let the work for the former approach go to waste, we are releasing it as an add-on. USAGE: It only works for remote […]

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Today, I am proud to be a Firefox user and Mozillian. Thank you to the amazing Mozilla community worldwide that has contributed to Firefox 4 and the Open Web. If you don’t know what Mozilla and Firefox are all about, watch this video. Watch with subtitles in some languages here. Can’t see the video? Get […]

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Something Else Is Coming to Firefox 4

A sneak peek… coming very soon. Can’t see the image? Click here.

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Mozilla Balkans Community Meetup

Communities, The Balkans, Mozilla, Firefox, and Ljubljana

The Balkans is a funny place. It is a region of Europe that suffers from a bad reputation. What other region has such a negative term ‘Balkanization‘ associated with it? It is probably largely misunderstood, even by it’s fellow Europeans. But I don’t want to talk about that. I live in Slovenia, which is or […]

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Happenings in Extension Land

There has been a lot happening around Mozilla Extensions with implications for developers and users. And much has come to a head in the last few days. For my own benefit but also for everyone in case you missed something, here’s an aggregation of what I found. If there is anything else, let me know. […]

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The Firefox Menu

[See also the follow-up post from beltzner] One of the new upcoming features in Firefox 4 will be the Firefox menu on Windows and Linux. The goal is to have no menu bar by default, and for the Firefox menu to be a single button in a shorter title bar. I’ve been following this feature […]

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