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Goings On – 2012 So Far

So far this year it has been busy and exciting for me. So in reverse chronological order, here are some things I have been up to recently. Briks Is 6 I meant to call out the 5 year anniversary last year but it slipped by as I was too busy. Six is better, it rhymes! […]

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Spreading The Word

For the past few years I’ve been wandering around attending technology events and speaking at many of them. As I work from a home office, I get a lot out of this from the perspective of breaking the daily routine and being social. At the start of this year I stepped back and made a […]

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Pretty Install

Pretty Install

There was a plan to turn the Firefox add-on install dialog into a doorhanger dialog (bug 588266). This has been abandoned in favour of an approach using tabs (bug 643020). Rather than let the work for the former approach go to waste, we are releasing it as an add-on. USAGE: It only works for remote […]

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Xultris : Mobile Add-on Game Goodness

While I’m not a gamer in general, I do love retro-games. I’ve been thinking that on Mobile, games provide great opportunities for Firefox add-on developers. They are a great way to spend that short bus ride, for example. I think there should be a Games category on Mozilla Add-ons. At Briks we wanted to showcase […]

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Collecting Add-ons In More Applications

If you are an add-on fan and missed the Mozilla Add-ons blog post about the new Add-on Collector release (1.1), be sure and go and read it: Add-on Collector now supports Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and Mobile This is a project that Dave and I at Briks really enjoy working on. The challenge for this release was […]

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Zemanta Compose

Jazz-up your Thunderbird Mail with Zemanta

Zemanta‘s semantic technology has been around in Firefox for a while now via their add-on, which is just one of the tools in their set. Amongst other things it provides you with image, link, and article suggestions based on your content as you write blog posts or compose (Web)emails. This weeks sees releases that support […]

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Vanity Redux

Guest post by Chris Neale, originally posted at : http://chrs.nl/w/8k7fm 30th January 2010 The Idea Last Saturday, I woke up with a seemingly brilliant idea, a dot-st domain name for use by my online postage half-site Print My Postage. mypo.st was subsequently registered. However, this isn’t about that; I was on skype telling Brian (King) […]

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One for the KidZ

Are young children well represented online? Well, if you judge only by the sheer number of sites directed at them, the answer would certainly be in the affirmative. But there is more to the online experience, and interaction and engagement as well as just consuming content are all important. And all that content can be […]

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