Culinary High Life

Via a story on BBC:

Are you in the minority that likes airplane food, or do you dread when the cart comes around? Whatever the answer is, you might enjoy the site There is an enormous amount of information there, with profile of meals (pictures, commentary, ratings …) from nearly every world airline. I even found a profile of the half-decent Adria Airways sandwich that I got when flying to Dublin last week.

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Bern Impressions

I had the good fortune of speaking at the LOTS Conference in Bern last Friday and was there for a few days. It was my second time in Bern, the other time being ~1998 when a friend was living in Basel and I did a rail tour around Switzerland/Austria/Germany.

My memories of Bern were different than the reality of this time. This could be because the city has changed or more likely because I have changed. Regardless, it still left a good impression on me. Folks are warm, it’s lively, lot’s of cool nightspots and shops (not that I had time to check them out). And I don’t even need to talk about the trains.

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Alibi Room

If you are ever in Vancouver and enjoy a tipple, you should checkout the Alibi Room. For me the appeal was not so much the interior (modern, laid back), but the location. Way downtown, in the old railway district … close to run down Hastings but so full of atmosphere.