2 Films I Want To See

These will give some insight into the types of movies I like.

  1. Once [Site1 Site2] [Trailer] – I love Glen Hansard’s music, and watching the clip gave me extreme homesickness for Dublin. Better move on before I start to blubber.
  2. 2 Days in Paris [Site] [Clip] – Before Sunset / Before Sunrise meets Woody Allen type scenario. The NYT review says that Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg don’t even seem to be acting. and judging by the clips, there does seem to be something special going on there.

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Darkly Intriguing

I’ve never read any of Philip K. Dick’s books, nor for that matter found any of the film adaptations of his work particularly good, with the exception of Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report‘.

However, I’m excited about the upcoming ‘A Scanner Darkly‘. There is a fine cast including Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and Woody Harrelson. And at the helm is Richard Linklater, who always does interesting work. He is using the same real life animation effects used in his previous ‘Waking Life‘. More about the process of ‘interpolated rotoscoping’ here.

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