7 Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me

Rey, Fred and William got me, so here it goes!

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Seven things:

  1. My full name is Brian William Michael King. William is my grandfather’s name (my Dad’s Dad), and Michael is my Dad’s name (better known as Mick). I never met my grandfather, he died before I was born, but I am told I look quite like him. If I have a son I will call him Sue.
  2. When I was younger I was a sports freak. I played a lot, including but not only – Gaelic Football, Hurling, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Rugby. When not playing, I watched almost any sport you can think of on the telly, from snooker to golf to darts. I gave up playing pretty much cold turkey when I was 16. Nowadays I watch no sport, with the exception of a bit of soccer here or there in major championships or when the Irish national team is playing.
  3. I have Type 1 Diabetes, aka Diabetes mellitus, aka that particular genetic dice rolled my way. I am insulin dependent. I was diagnosed at age 31 which is quite late, Type 1 diabetes is also know as juvenile diabetes. My sister Paula was diagnosed when she was 7. I thought I escaped, but alas.
  4. I was a vegetarian for 8 years. Nothing unusual there. I went back to eating meat when I got diabetes, as I lost a lot of weight at the time and it was too hard to balance the diet with my other medical needs. I’m fighting fit these days and am considering a vegetarian diet again.
  5. When I was 18, I won a US green card in a lottery. During my college years and a couple of years after, I spent nearly all of my holidays in the US to keep it valid. I have lived in Connecticut (one of my sisters lives there), Boston (MA), Phoenix (AZ), and Boulder (CO) as well as visiting a bunch of other states. Eventually my visits became less frequent when I decided I wanted to stick it out in good ol’ Europe, and the green card lapsed. Later I lived in Vancouver, Canada, for a year on a work contract.
  6. I came late to computers, probably because of #2. I was never into computer games growing up, and my first real exposure was typing up essays in college. My first Bachelors degree was in Politics and History at UCD, and after a year break I went back and did something completely different. I did a Higher Diploma in IT at NUI Maynooth. Luckily it was a good match and it thrust me into my future career.
  7. I love dogs, but never had one growing up. Now I have an adopted “son”, Dolus, a graceful Black Labrador who is going on in years but remains a great pal.

7 people I tag:

David Boswell – because it is not as if he has enough to do already. Sheppy – because he was not feeling the meme love. David Rolnitzky – because choffman told me to, and because David is fun and smart. Matthew Zeier – because he is a good Dad. Jure Cuhalev – because he likes to blog, and he can spruce up his post with Zemanta

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Bloody Sugar

Having diabetes, one of the crucial ways to help yourself is to educate yourself about the disease. One of the ways I do this is via blogs. I currently have 13 diabetes blogs in my feed reader that I read regularly, and there are likely hundreds if not thousands more out there.

So I want to give something back … and I got to thinking what is the online diabetes world missing. Then, just like a fast approaching hypo, it dawned on me. Planet Diabetes. If you are not familiar with the concept, Planet is a one stop shop for all blog entries on a related subject. For example, Planet Mozilla. Using Planet Planet software, it aggregrates all participating feeds into a single blog with a feed of its own.

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One of the foremost nightmares of diabetics (including me) is to be get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in an unfamiliar environment. Lows happen to us all sometimes, no matter how careful you are. When left unchecked, you go unconscious and long-term liver damage can occur if frequent enough. Rule #1 is to always carry something to bring you back up, such as glucose tablets, juice or sweets. Otherwise all bets are off.

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1 Year with the ‘Betes

I can’t recall the exact day, but it has been about 1 year since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Hooray! Happy Anniversary! I don’t talk about it much here, so I decided to write a progress report.

I have Type 1 diabetes, which means I am insulin dependent, and will become more so once my pancreas gives up the ghost and stops producing insulin altogether. On a general level, I feel fine. The last few months have been stable and I’ve got into a good management groove. I have my highs and lows (both in glucose sugar and mood) of course, but they are getting less and less frequent.

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