The Truth About Bird Flu

According to the BBC, the H5N1 virus has arrived in Croatia. Which means it is knocking on Slovenia’s door. Of course, viruses know no borders and this is no exception.

But is this strain of the virus, and other ones such as SARS, natural in origin or man-made? Did it jump accidentally, escaping from a lab somewhere? Or was is released on purpose? These are questions that may or may not have crossed your mind, but if you want an interesting take on it and the surrounding media frenzy, I recommend you to read this article from the Centre for Research on Globalisation:

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Blogging From Your Sickbed

[via Martha O’ Connor]

The title refers to folks with sickness and diseases blogging about their condition, rather than a guy with a broken leg sitting up in the hospital bed with a laptop (which I would probably do if I was stuck in hospital – I somehow doubt most hospitals are getting high speed internet connections when there are many others things fighting for budget money).

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Cure for Diabetes?

Read this interesting story in the Washington Times [via Slashdot], about a woman in Japan who is apparently cured of diabetes. She had an operation to transplant the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas.

However, to say that this is the first of its kind is a bit misleading. After looking around, it appears operations like this have been happening for a few years, in Russia, the UK and probably elsewhere. No doubt the process needs much refinement and testing before it has a chance to come to the mainstream.

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