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On Startup Culture

I admit to being skeptical before about startup culture in the technology sector, for a few reasons: It smells of a gold-rush, a way to make a quick buck. I was brought up with an ethic to go and do your day’s work, work hard, get paid, and play your part. This is inter-twined with […]

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Today, I am proud to be a Firefox user and Mozillian. Thank you to the amazing Mozilla community worldwide that has contributed to Firefox 4 and the Open Web. If you don’t know what Mozilla and Firefox are all about, watch this video. Watch with subtitles in some languages here. Can’t see the video? Get […]

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FOSDEM 2009 Creeping Up – Get Your Talk On

Axel Hecht already wrote about it, and herein is another reminder that there will be a big Mozilla presence again in Brussels on February 7-8 for the Free and Open Source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM). Bonus points if you can say that mouthful 10 times in a row. If you have never been, believe […]

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Need Help Marketing Open Source?

Let’s face it, Open Source has always had an image problem. While technologies are more prominent than ever, still today the benefits are still largely misunderstood by a large section of the business community. So if you need help in marketing your OSS project, or know someone who does, I’d recommend Sandro Groganz who is […]

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Children’s Cereals

Ever wonder how vendors selling sugary cereals to children get away with advertising them as healthy? So do I! Survery finds 36 children’s cereals cannot be rated healthy. No surprise there, and you don’t need to read the whole article to know which types of cereals they are talking about.

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Got Your jPod Yet?

Douglas Coupland is a writer who always seems to have his finger on the pulse. The media call it capturing the zeitgeist (he’s probably sick of hearing that word). So his new book is out simply called ‘jPod’. I really wonder how much of it is accident or contrived at this point, but I’ll give […]

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Ongoing Contamination

If you read the news at all, you’ve likely seem many stories about the 20th anniversary (somehow doesn’t seem like the right word) since the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the former Soviet Union (now territory of Ukraine). I’d urge everyone to follow this link to an excellent photo essay at PixelPress on the subject, or […]

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Desktop Linux Summit Day 2

Part 2 of a 2-part report. Part 1 is here. DAY 2 Tuesday morning started for me in the ‘Using’ track with an interesting talk by Peter van der Linden on his adventures in partitioning and multiple installs. I thought I was doing well with a 3 distro boot system, but Peter got up to […]

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Desktop Linux Summit Day 1

I was in San Diego earlier this week for the 4th Desktop Linux Summit, and gave a talk on Tuesday. Though I can’t compare with other years, the turnout and the buzz were good, and the content was excellent. There was a Main Session track, a Using Desktop Linux track, and a Future of Desktop […]

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Had Enough of Web 2.0?

Well if you do, you are not the only one! Check out Jeffrey Zeldman’s article – Web 3.0. Or for another amusing take on it, check out the wankr beta. Not quite my take on it, but an interesting one nonetheless. Hype comes and goes. Bubbles fill up and burst. In the end, the cream […]

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