Got Your jPod Yet?

Douglas Coupland is a writer who always seems to have his finger on the pulse. The media call it capturing the zeitgeist (he’s probably sick of hearing that word). So his new book is out simply called ‘jPod’. I really wonder how much of it is accident or contrived at this point, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and order a copy.

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Darkly Intriguing

I’ve never read any of Philip K. Dick’s books, nor for that matter found any of the film adaptations of his work particularly good, with the exception of Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report‘.

However, I’m excited about the upcoming ‘A Scanner Darkly‘. There is a fine cast including Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and Woody Harrelson. And at the helm is Richard Linklater, who always does interesting work. He is using the same real life animation effects used in his previous ‘Waking Life‘. More about the process of ‘interpolated rotoscoping’ here.

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Books I’ve Read Recently

Life After God

One thing I love about Coupland is his sense of place. Many of his stories are set in Vancouver, and I can relate very much to his locations having lived there for a year. But even if set elsewhere, the descriptions make you feel like you are there. One review I read on amazon said this is a book for depressives. Perhaps there is some truth in that, and this is not one of my favourite Coupland books. Nonetheless, a fine read and a surprising ending. More info on Coupland…

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