Vanity Redux

Guest post by Chris Neale, originally posted at : 30th January 2010

The Idea

Last Saturday, I woke up with a seemingly brilliant idea, a dot-st domain name for use by my online postage half-site Print My Postage. was subsequently registered. However, this isn’t about that; I was on skype telling Brian (King) about this and mused that bri.ks would be a good vanity shortener for, his Mozilla Software Development Collective. Unfortunately, Kosovo’s dot-ks doesn’t actually exist; fortunately Kazakhstan’s dot-kz does. I proposed that Brian and should have their own shortener under, with! as the install location; why use one of the virtual servers of the hosting account purely for, when it’s all the same server.

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Pyramid in Bosnia?

An archeological side is being examined in a hill in Visoko, Bosnia. In Slovene, ‘visok’ means tall, an apt name for a hilly town. It is thought that the hill conceals an ancient pyramid, the first of its kind discovered in (modern-day) Europe. Is this evidence that Egyptian culture spread its wings out this far, or a symbol used by another culture?

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Spilt Coffee

While writing by blog yesterday, I spilt coffee on my computer. What a mess!

Have a look for yourself.

Something different:
blingmethod – some very, very slick customised PCs. My favourite so far is version 7. I especially like when he talks about his wife thinking he is nuts, but I suspect there is method in his madness.

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