Lou Reed coming to Ljubljana

The rock and roll animal himself is coming to play a gig on 13 March at the Tivoli in Ljubljana. This is part of a month long Euro tour that starts at the Winter Olympics in Turin. More details at LouReed.com.
I’ve never seen him live, so this is the perfect opportunity. I can’t convince Marjana to come despite the fact she is a fan. So my fine readers, if you are a fan and want to be my concert buddy, let me know.

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500 Greatest Albums

Everyone would have their own list of course, but for Rolling Stone’s take on it, go to:


Whether you like Flash or not, it is presented in an excellent Flash application. The navigation system is very simple yet very useful. If you have a bit of time, I recommend browsing my rank, choosing the first album, and using the down arrow to work your way one by one through all the albums.

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R.E.M. Tour Wrap-up

R.E.M. finished up their world tour in Hyde Park, London, 6 days ago. This final show was postponed a week because of the terrorist attacks in London. I’ve been following the tour, reading reviews as they went along, and by all accounts they were in fine form all the way through. They certainly were when I saw them in Ljubljana in January.

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Slave to the Rhythm

I’ve been a huge fan of Soundgarden for a long time. They quit when they were ahead in 1997 and their lead singer Chris Cornell released a superb solo album ‘Euphoria Morning‘ in 1999. When Chris hooked up with former members of Rage Against the Machine in 2001, I wasn’t paying much attention and didn’t check out their eponymous debut until recently. While it didn’t have the magic of Soundgarden, there are some fine songs on there. So I thought, I’d check out their new album (who said they’d be a one album band?), ‘Out of Exile’. This album really shines. Cornell’s voice just seems to get better, and the band is gelling together really well. Tracks like ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Heavens Dead’ bring respite in the midst of heavier numbers.

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Online Music Services

I can’t find the right fit:

  • Yahoo Music – Seems good, great music selection, but the client won’t work for me when I try to download a song. Support is slow, if at all.
  • iTunes – Too Mac/iPod oriented? Can’t use the music store in Slovenia.
  • buy.com – “Due to licensing restrictions, BuyMusic at Buy.com content is available only to residents of the United States.”
  • eMusic.com – Bad selection.
  • Napster – Can’t use the music store in Slovenia.

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