Fun Friday

Event this Friday in Ljubljana… all welcome (NOTE: this notice is copy and pasted verbatim from message from Joan). I’ll be there, though my Irish dancing skills are a bit rusty. We need to get Michael Flatley in for the night.

St. Patricks Day – Friday 17th March 2006

Šestica – Slovenska cesta 40

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Looking For A Nice Spot?

Ah yes, my hunch about plans for Irish tourists/holiday home buyers coming to take over Croatia is not unfounded after all. Have a look at Nice Spot, which is:

… a Croatian based, Irish owned, real estate agency …

Among the list of attractions to come to Istria is plans for new golf courses in the region. That’s all the world needs, more golf courses! Anyway, regardless of your sporting preferences, it is a beautiful region. My mother said to me on a couple of occasions, only half joking, why don’t I buy a holiday home in Croatia, it being so close. Well the chance would be a fine thing, but I never saw the point of holiday homes. It seems like a waste of space/money if you are only going to be there for a few weeks in the year. It always seemed to me a lifestyle for the idle rich. Hrm, then again, if there was a high speed Internet connection and a balcony, I could be tempted.

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Bertie in Zagreb

The Irish Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern is in Croatia at the moment. Earlier this evening I watched a 15 minute or so interview with him on Croatian national television (I live pretty close to the Croatian border and we pick up a few of the terrestrial channels). He talked about such things as Ireland’s current ecomomic model, education, immigrants in Ireland, and the relationship between the republic and Northern Ireland.

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