IBLOC 2006

I will be at the International Business Linux and Open Source Conference next week in Portoro┼ż on the Slovene coast. While I won’t be speaking, I will be participating in a round table discussion (alert: mostly iin Slovene language) on using OSS in business information systems.

The schedule looks good this year, with some talks in Slovene and some in English. The 3 main tracks are Web Technologies, Security, and Embedded Systems. Come along, there must be something there that interests you to get out of the office!

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Pickup Photo Uploader

I’m happy to announce the release of the Pickup Photo Uploader. Pickup is a Firefox extension developed by Briks Software in association with 33eels for uploading pictures to online picture services. Currently supported services are Flickr, Marela, 23, and SmugMug.

It has been fun developing the extension, and trying out different photo sites. I am mainly a Flickr user. While other services might not provide the same quantity of features, they certainly have their value and have some other nice features. For example, 23 has something called ‘Stories’, a way of presenting albums with text in a kind of a tutorial format, or a walk-through of a particular event.

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