Collecting Add-ons In More Applications

If you are an add-on fan and missed the Mozilla Add-ons blog post about the new Add-on Collector release (1.1), be sure and go and read it:

Add-on Collector now supports Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and Mobile

This is a project that Dave and I at Briks really enjoy working on. The challenge for this release was making it work with Thunderbird (TB) 2, and mobile support. Thunderbird 2 uses the Mozilla 1.8 branch which meant that the Add-on window overlay code was different. We threw away the overlay bindings and built them from scratch. It’s rarely fun supporting old platforms, but when we started the port TB3 was not out yet. TB3, and Seamonkey (SM), in comparison was a breeze as the toolkit code is the same as Firefox 3.x. Thanks to Igor Velkov for the SM patch.

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Jazz-up your Thunderbird Mail with Zemanta

Zemanta‘s semantic technology has been around in Firefox for a while now via their add-on, which is just one of the tools in their set. Amongst other things it provides you with image, link, and article suggestions based on your content as you write blog posts or compose (Web)emails. This weeks sees releases that support new clients Outlook 2007 and Thunderbird, giving users of desktop mail an opportunity to use the service.

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Vanity Redux

Guest post by Chris Neale, originally posted at : 30th January 2010

The Idea

Last Saturday, I woke up with a seemingly brilliant idea, a dot-st domain name for use by my online postage half-site Print My Postage. was subsequently registered. However, this isn’t about that; I was on skype telling Brian (King) about this and mused that bri.ks would be a good vanity shortener for, his Mozilla Software Development Collective. Unfortunately, Kosovo’s dot-ks doesn’t actually exist; fortunately Kazakhstan’s dot-kz does. I proposed that Brian and should have their own shortener under, with! as the install location; why use one of the virtual servers of the hosting account purely for, when it’s all the same server.

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Introducing Flickr Find

Did you ever need that perfect image for a presentation you were doing? Flickr Find makes it easy. Creative Commons images are returned by default, but you can make an easy change to search all images.



Flickr Find is available at the Jetpack Gallery.

Basic Usage

  • Select a word or a phrase on a web page
  • Cloose ‘Search Flickr…’ from the context menu
  • If the slidebar is closed, you will see the icon move. Click on it to see your results. If already open the results will just load there
  • 20 items per page is the default, and you can change that in Settings. At the buttom choose ‘More…’ to fetch more images
  • Selecting a new word or phrease will start a new set of image results. Selecting the same will just fetch more images and add them to the list
  • Clicking on one of the images in the slidebar will open the Flickr photo page in a new tab.

I’m keeping it very simple, but if you have any features requests, I would certainly consider them.

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