European Community Manager, Mozilla. My job is to help you help Mozilla.

Previously, I was involved in making Desktop and Web software for 15 years. My passion is to create best-in-breed software and give users the optimal experience by ensuring quality in all stages of development, from design to deployment. I ran a software consultancy, Briks Software.

As a Mozillian, I have many other roles. These include Add-ons Reviewer, Evangelism, Mozilla Reps Mentor, and WebFWD Scout.

My writings on this blog will mostly be about Mozilla, with some personal posts thrown in from time to time.



You’ll find me blabbering on Twitter @brianking.

Music feeds my soul, among other things. I am brianking on last.fm and Spotify.

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I take a lot of pictures, more for fun or to document an event rather than any sort of photographic or artistic urge. See some of them at King Molan on Flickr. If you know me, add me as a contact.

I’m on Facebook. Don’t be offended if I ignore your friend request, I tend to friend only people I know well!

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