Earlier in April (4-7 April to be exact) I was in Istanbul to speak [slides] at Free Software & Linux Days at Bilgi University, the main FOSS conference in Turkey. I spoke their previously in 2010. This time I got great support from Mozilla Rep Selim Sumlu and we had a stand to show off some Firefox OS demo devices. I also had the opportunity to speak on a panel at a brief afternoon session at Bogazici University. One of the main reasons of the trip was community building, as Mozilla Turkey has been suffering in that regard.

I won’t go into detail, instead pointing you to Selim’s report of the event. A few observations though:

  • The power of the Firefox OS draw was evident because our table was consistently busy despite our lack of swag.
  • Everyone was telling me that while Open Source was prevalent in Turkey, it has not really caught the imagination of people beyond a core community. I see opportunity there.
  • Happy to have met Emin Mastizada who is leading a budding new community in Azerbaijan.
With Selim and Emin
With Selim and Emin.

Mozilla Turkey is small, and we are looking for people to join and help out in a number of areas. These include leadership, community building, marketing, programming, social media, and more. Our hope is to grow and become a strong community to help Mozilla with their mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. Contact Selim or I to find out more.

Hope to see you again soon Istanbul. Here are more pictures from my visit.

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