Last week community builders across the organisation and community got together. Please read the wiki page account of what happened. On the first day, I gave a short update on the status of our local contribution funnels. What a local contribution funnel looks like is essentially the Mozilla Contribute page localised and with the form inquiries going directly to the community. My slides are online. Some context is missing, so feel free to ask me questions. This is just one part in our approach to support community building in all Mozilla communities.

Our Contribute page funnel is getting it’s first real stress test as of yesterday when we launched our 15 Years of Mozilla campaign. Via various channels (Twitter, Facebook, Snippets, Email, …) we are pointing people to the Contribute page where we have a lovely new design showing.

15 Facts About Mozilla
Contribute Page in German

Already we spiked yesterday with the number of contribution inquiries coming in. Head over to for more details. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out as the campaign continues.

I’m leaving you with something a little fun. Jeff Beatty and I wanted to share our tips on Community mentoring (for Capture Mozilla) and made a video last week at the meetup. Thanks for Curtis Koenig for shooting and editing it, he definitely has a potential career in the movie industry.

[Can’t see the video? It’s here]

Local Contribution Funnels and 15 Years Campaign
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