One of the common problems of Mozilla communities is building up their team. As the Mozilla project scope grows, scaling up and being inclusive is crucial. One of the simplest things any community can do is put a Get Involved page on their site. Providing specifics on tasks and contact information, and linking to the general Mozilla Contribute page, is a good start.

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At Mozilla Slovenija we are a core group of three and have long lamented how we have a hard time getting more people involved. So we set about changing that. And the time from idea to execution was a matter of days with very positive results. Here is how it happened.

  • Nino suggested a team meeting to work on our 2013 plans, which included getting more people on board. We haven’t had the meeting yet, but in the meantime took action
  • Matjaz sets up an etherpad with a plan for getting more people on board
  • After feedback, Matjaz composes a “job posting” listing the how and why of getting involved with Mozilla Slovenija
  • Again after feedback and tweaking, this turns into a blog post on
  • We drop the blog post all over social media
  • The responses start to flow in at a rapid pace
  • After initial vetting, we have about 20 people who seem enthusiastic and we will talk to them and hopefully find roles for them

We have turned the blog post into a permanent Get Involved page on our site. Now we are wondering why it took us so long to do this. If your community doesn’t have a Get Involved page, I encourage you to do it now!

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The Genesis Of A Get Involved Page
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3 thoughts on “The Genesis Of A Get Involved Page

  • 19-Dec-2012 at 07:56

    Great post! We updated our ‘Get Involved’ page (at Mozilla Peru) with the benefits that offers the community, and we renamed to ‘Work with us’ (in Spanish)

    Since months ago, we choose to list the working areas (the details of each area are specified in other page), and we give some advices to the newbies. We wanted that they introduce themselves in a public Google Group, but sometimes people write a comment in the post rather than write an email.

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