A couple of weeks ago I visited one of my favourite cities, Sarajevo, to represent Mozilla at Web Day. The day was split in two. The morning and afternoon was dedicated to a Web Day mini-conference with talks from partners of Google, Microsoft, and Apple as well as other speakers. So I was in good company for giving my talk. It was entitled ‘Mozilla and the New Web Challenge’ [slides]. I pulled it together from slides created by Christian Heilmann and Altin Ukshini. I’m thankful for the Evangelism Reps training program, it make my life so much easier. The evening event was the Web Awards, recognising the best of the Web in BiH across different categories.

I want to say a huge thanks to Mozilla Bosnia. Thanks to Aleksandar Savic for setting up Mozilla’s presence at the event and inviting me. Thanks to Kerim Kalamujic for the walk up in the hills, the conversation, and the hospitality. And thanks to Adi Zeljkovic and Nedim Zecic for the work and support. This event helped increase the profile of Mozilla Bosnia and Mozilla in general. There is a strong team in Bosnia that is only getting stronger.

With Adi and Aleks
With Adi and Aleks

Here is some coverage:

Sarajevo Web Day
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