A few weeks ago the first version of the Mozilla Reps Companion (install page) add-on was released. The Companion is built using the Add-ons SDK. The source code is on github, so contributions are welcome. The add-on is mostly targeted at Reps right now, but we’ll be adding more features based on different roles in the program, e.g. for mentors, as well as making it useful for a broader audience. If you have ideas or find bugs, please get in contact with me or file a bug (Product: Mozilla Reps, Component: Add-on).

Here is a quick rundown of what it does and what it looks like. After install, an icon will appear in your add-ons bar at the bottom of Firefox (Cutomize and drag to the toolbar if you wish). When activated, a panel widget opens:

Tools Panel
Reps Companion Tools Panel

The Tools panel gives you access to the most commonly used tools that Reps use, including the event setup form, and the budget request and swag request forms.

Reports Panel
Reps Companion Reports Panel

An important monthly task of a Rep is to fill out their monthly report so that we know what you have been up to and what you plan to do next. A link here is the first step in helping Reps with this task. We’ll be building in a notification to the add-on that alerts the user when the end of the month comes around.

SOPs Panel
SOPs Panel

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essentially the guidebook for Reps. Right now they live on the wiki but will soon be moved to the Reps portal. This panel provides easy access to all the published SOPs in one place.

Social Panel
Reps Companion Social Panel

Find out the latest happenings of Reps from their blog posts and posts on social networks. Get social, and spread the word.

About Panel
Mozilla Reps Companion About Panel

We pulled in other open source software to help us. Find out about it in this panel. Foundation is used on the Reps portal, so we used it here to maintain a consistent look and feel.

That’s it! Enjoy and please help in order for us to make it even more useful.

Mozilla Reps Companion Introduction
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