This week is OSCON week in Portland, and Mozilla as always has a strong presence. If you are near, come and visit us. Even if you haven’t registered, day passes are available.

The Mozilla Reps program is getting in on the act. Local Rep Benjamin Kerensa and I are presenting ‘How to Multiply Your Community By A Power Of X‘. We’ll be talking about the Reps Program. In particular, where does it fit in in the general Mozilla community, how the project works, our successes so far, and challenges we have had. We’ll be picking the brains of folks in other open source communities to get ideas on how we can do things better.

Mozilla Reps talk at OSCON
Mozilla Reps talk at OSCON

There are other talks by Mozillians, both employees and community members. Go see them!

Mozilla Represented at OSCON 2012
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