Mozilla CommunitiesBy request of San James Olweny of Mozilla Uganda and inspiration from him (choose 5 projects), I have put together a message to try and help community members get more involved with Mozilla.

The Gist

Mozilla is working on tools to help get more contributors involved and better engaged. This includes a taskboard, events manager, and an improved phonebook. For reference, see:

Blog post:

With this better infrastructure will come better rewards for contributors. This will includes Mozillian public profiles, badges, events, and where appropriate material items such as t-shirts.

However, your work in the Mozilla Community needs to be self-motivated. Much of the time there will not be any hand-holding. Take the initiative. If you are on board with Mozilla’s mission and the Open Web, use that as an inspiration to drive you. Like all fields in life, there is no substitute for hard work.

5 Areas

In the meantime, we need to work with what we have, and there is a lot out there if you know where to look. For convenience, let us identify 5 areas to start with where you can get involved. With each one are some links to get you started.

I. Boot To Gecko

This is Mozilla’s mobile Web platform.

II. Add-ons

Learning add-on development is a great way to add to your skills, provide useful tools to people, and make an impact. Use the Add-ons SDK or Add-ons Builder to get started.

III. Localisation

Localisation is still crucial for any community who want to make an impact among all speakers of your native language(s). Break up your activities into 2 areas, product and web.

Product includes Firefox (desktop and mobile) and Thunderbird.

Web properties include SUMO, Mozilla Add-ons, and much much more.

IV. Evangelism

Talk about HTML5 and the Open Web! Make a Web App. Help write documentation.

V. Web Makers

Mozilla wants everyone in society to be a Web Maker.

And More…

Other projects to get involved with are Hackasaurus, core hacking, QA, SUMO (support). There are more, find the one that suits you. See:

Getting Help

If you need guidance when getting started, there are people who can help. Apart from posting on Mozilla mailing lists or asking on IRC, there are folks known as Stewards designated to particular areas:

Building a community is different in every country and region. One size does not fit all. But remember to collaborate with and learn from others. Read this great post from Nukeador of Mozilla Hispano on how to organise a Mozilla community:

So as you can see there is plenty to do, and Mozilla needs you to help out. I am looking forward to seeing the work you do moving forward.

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Next Steps For A New Mozilla Community
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