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Last week saw Firefox updated to version 7. I’m not sure if other communities party any more with the rapid release cycle, but we used it as an excuse not only to party but to talk about the latest happenings with Mozilla. Web Hour (Spletne urice in Slovene), our beloved technology meetup that happens every Wednesday, was hijacked for this purpose. We moved location for once to try something different, and were graciously welcomed by our hosts Zemanta in their fancy new offices in the middle of Ljubljana. Big shout out to Rok and Gasper for going the extra mile in organisation.

For the schedule, we wanted to cover the latest important happenings and projects in Mozilla. Even though it was Firefox release day, the general theme was that the Web is evolving fast, and so is Mozilla to meet the challenges. While 5 years ago focus in Mozilla shifted almost wholly to Firefox, the wheel has turned again and Firefox is just one tool of many (though still the most important) to keep the Web open and fight for users.


Nino and I split the speaking duties. Nino, the youngest Mozilla Slovenia member showed off why he makes a fine Mozilla Rep.


In short form, it went like this…

  • Good turnout, standing room only for the presentations
  • The topics we chose were spot on, lots of interest and questions
  • Dev tools demos wowed. Thanks Matjaz for helping me get them set up
  • Nice conversations after
  • We didn’t recruit anyone new for or ReMo, but maybe a seed was planted that will grow later


If I missed anything here, let me know. I’ll update this post once I dig up some pictures. The video of the talks will pop up on Kiberpipa Video soon.


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Web Hour + Zemanta + Mozilla = Success
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