For the past few years I’ve been wandering around attending technology events and speaking at many of them. As I work from a home office, I get a lot out of this from the perspective of breaking the daily routine and being social. At the start of this year I stepped back and made a conscious decision to slow down in 2011, both for personal reasons and as well to focus on client projects at Briks. Now I’m itching to get back on the road!

On the Podium
Picture by Peter ?uhalev

There are other reasons why I talk at and attend events:

  • I’m passionate about my job and what I speak about, and try to pass that on to the audience
  • I learn new things
  • Making new friends
  • To impart knowledge onto others
  • To improve my public speaking skills
  • To increase my visibility among my peers
  • To increase my visibility in the industry
  • To travel and see the world

In the spirit of making something a little more permanent from all this, I’ve made an Events and Speaking page to catalog what I hope will not only act as a memory for me, but that others can stumble upon to find something useful. I’ve linked slides, videos, pictures, and other relevant materials.

Mostly I talk about Mozilla, and I am very grateful that Mozilla has sponsored me so many times. You can get involved too. If you want to become a more active Mozillian, or just solidify your role in the community, please consider joining the Mozilla Reps program. There has never been a better or more interesting time than now in the evolution of the Web to get involved, as outlined in recent posts by Tristan Nitot and Gervase Markham. Game on indeed!

Spreading The Word
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6 thoughts on “Spreading The Word

    • 28-Jul-2011 at 13:41

      Thanks Janet, I’ll be sure to add upcoming events there.

    • 1-Aug-2011 at 12:15

      Now you need to catch up Vineel!

  • 29-Jul-2011 at 20:57

    I’m sure you forgot to add a lot more events. Awesome!

    • 1-Aug-2011 at 12:17

      Definitely the event in NM! I’ll make another pass soon and try to remember what I missed.


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