Over the weekend we had an intense, but productive and fun, ReMo council meeting. For the uninitiated ReMo is the Mozilla Reps program that aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to become official reresentatives of Mozilla. Read more on the wiki pages and William’s blog.

One of the short brainstorming sessions was for the ReMo add-on that I will be starting shortly. Let me know if you want to get involved. There are plans for a Mobile version and perhaps a native Mobile app, but here I will talk only about the desktop Firefox add-on. The basic idea is to use Jetpack technology and split development into 2 phases. The add-on is primarily aimed at Mozilla Reps but I can see it being useful to anyone who is interested in the program.

Add-on Planning
Add-on Whiteboarding

Version 1

In this phase we will keep it simple and just provide quick access to some of the tools and documentation available to Reps.

  • Add an add-on bar button and/or toolbar button to launch a panel (Jetpack Panel API). This panel will have various tabs/views for different content, including some of the following
  • Items / links for budget/swag/etc.
  • Tweet Feed View + Add Tweet (autopopulated with #remo tag)
  • Events (View + convenience add shortcut)
  • Monthly report – quick access to the form

Version 2+

Version 2 will be more personal, tied into authentication on the future mozillareps.org and providing information tailored to the individual ReMo member. Discovery tools for finding other Reps, pictures, and other information would be nice as well.

  • Authentication
  • Dashboard
  • My mentor – quick access
  • Reps in my region (use Geolocation)
  • Notifications (pending tasks for Reps, Mentors, Council members)
  • Stream of Pictures (pulled from photo services, using #remo tag)
  • Event posts/tagging/gathering
Feedback and ideas welcome as always.
ReMo Add-on Planning
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