The Balkans is a funny place. It is a region of Europe that suffers from a bad reputation. What other region has such a negative term ‘Balkanization‘ associated with it? It is probably largely misunderstood, even by it’s fellow Europeans.

But I don’t want to talk about that.

I live in Slovenia, which is or is not in the Balkans depending on what definition you use or who you talk to. Over the past couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the region (Croatia. Romania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria) and every time I visit a new place, I’m amazed by the warmth, culture, food, nature, and most of all the people. There is a very real energy that rises above everything else, whether it be pre-conceived or experienced.

The Mozilla community is just that, a community. And we want to harness that energy. Within the Mozilla community are sub-communities, such as Mozilla Asia and Mozilla Europe. Within them there are further sub-communities. Mozilla Balkans is one. And within Mozilla Balkans there are even more communities, such as Mozilla Macedonia or Mozilla Serbia. And in the end we have individuals. Communities bring people together for a greater goal. And that brings us back full circle to Mozilla, it’s mission and goals.

Mozilla Balkans Community Meetup
Mozilla Balkans Community Meetup

This week in Ljubjana we’re having a couple of special Mozilla events.

Degustacija Firefox 4 (Tasting Firefox 4)

This is public event tomorrow night (Thursday, 2 December 2010) to show off Firefox 4. We’ll be talking about the Web, Add-ons, Drumbreat, and more. There will be drinks and conversation after. All is happening in the great (all your code is belong to us) Kiberpipa venue.

More details at Mozilla Slovenija and the Facebook event page.

Come one, come all. And bring a friend.

2nd Mozilla Balkans Community Meetup

For the 2nd Mozilla Balkans Community Meetup in Ljubljana, lead contributors from Balkan communities will be invited and sponsored by Mozilla Europe to participate in a 2-day workshop. The aim of the workshop is to enable Mozilla communities in the Balkans to share and learn from each other’s experience working on the Mozilla Project, improve collaboration in the future, and work on specific tasks, based on the 5 goals defined previously and in light of the upcoming Firefox 4 release.

There will be a couple of surprises along the way, and if it is even half as successful (though we aim for double) as the 1st meetup in Skopje, then it will still be declared a success.

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