While I’m not a gamer in general, I do love retro-games. I’ve been thinking that on Mobile, games provide great opportunities for Firefox add-on developers. They are a great way to spend that short bus ride, for example. I think there should be a Games category on Mozilla Add-ons. At Briks we wanted to showcase this with some fun games, so are going about porting a couple of the wonderful distractions from games.mozdev.org. First up, the Tetris clone Xultris.

Xultris 2-Player. Firefox Add-on Fun

Sure, the front-end is cheesy but this is just a small glimpse of the possibilities. This is XUL, JavaScript and CSS. With the technology stack in the Firefox platform (WebGL, better SVG, better Canvas, better SVG, open video and audio) to graze from, you have much more now than ever to bring your idea to life. Start building!

Next up? You tell us. Given the recent Google home page gaming incident, I know one that would be popular.

Xultris : Mobile Add-on Game Goodness
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