So we have entered phase 3 of the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge. This will consist of continuing work for the 10 successful projects from Phase 2, culminating in the Design Camp at SWSW on 10-12 March.

Read ‘Mozilla Jetpack Design Challenge invites 10 teams to Design Camp‘ at Mozilla Labs.

The 10 chosen projects are:

Being part of the judging panel was an interesting experience because I had to put aside my technical bias (still an important factor) to take into account other criteria such as ‘Interestingness’, potential reach, UX, potential to promote Jetpack technology, potential to aid learning, and so on. Given the less than mature state of Jetpack at this point, the teams did a great job and it was difficult to choose which would go to the next stage.

We’re working out the logistics of the Design Camp now, and in the meantime the teams have to step up their game and continue with development to compete to win at the end. That’s incidental however, as they are all winners and what I am looking forward to seeing is a) how the mentors, teams, and other participants interact when put together for 3 days and b) how the projects will continue to evolve after the camp to provide real value to learners and showcase Jetpack.

Related, Mozilla will have more presence at SXSW Interactive this year. Are you a Mozillian who will attend? Go sign up and make yourself known and you might have the chance to help out in some way. Some Mozilla events to watch out for:

JPL Phase 3 – Mozilla at SXSW
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