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The FOSDEM 2010 Front Page countdown says says there are 32 days to go. Mozilla has a dev room ready to go, like previous years. Two years ago at FOSDEM we celebrated 10 years of Mozilla, this year it is 10 years of FOSDEM.

The schedule for the Mozilla dev room is not yet finalised. This year we want to mix it up a bit, and promote cross-pollination talks between various Open Source projects present. One good example of this is Firefox and Maemo, the latter being the first Mobile platform that Firefox has reached RC status on. The schedule is usually packed but we may trim it down a little this year to allow Mozillians to roam the corridors and find talks in other areas that interest them.

Right now there is a very rough list of suggested topics up on the wiki. I’m giving myself until the the end of the week to have the first draft schedule up. What this means is that if you are coming or would like to come, you still have time to get your topic suggestions in. William has set a deadline of 15 January. It is still wide open. Just go ahead and edit the wiki page, or leave a comment here. Even better, let me know if you would like to speak.

Come and join in this unique event.

I'm going to FOSDEM,  the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

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FOSDEM 2010 Mozilla Talks, And You
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