I was really impressed with the File Upload demo on Mozilla Hacks because it mixed in a few nice technologies like XHR upload progress events, Canvas, and the File API new in Firefox 3.6. It turns out that I needed to talk about some of the things in last week’s Jetpack for Learning seminar. So rather than reinvent the wheel I lazily just ported the code over to run in a Jetpack slidebar. Go install it at the Jetpack Gallery.

Slupper - File upload
File upload in a Jetpack slidebar

And so, it is presented as-is, just as a showcase. It is missing some things like Drag and Drop which would be trivial to add. So go ahead and take the code and run with it, adding some nice upload feature to your jetpack. The thing to keep in mind here is that all the great Web developer features packed into Firefox are also available to jetpacks add-ons.

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File Upload in a Jetpack – Slupper
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