Here in Slovenia we like to party like any good nation, so what better excuse than the birthday of our beloved Firefox. After all we were 2nd or 3rd to reach 50% Firefox market share, but are still licking our wounds after being pipped at the post by an Indonesia that came from nowhere. Not ones to hold a grudge, we have vowed to become the first country to reach 100% market share.

Firefox Fathead at Kiberpipas entrance - by nitot on Flickr
Firefox Fathead at Kiberpipa's entrance - by nitot on Flickr

That might require some pretty heavy political lobbying and/or bribery, so in the meantime we’ll start off by having a party. Read all about it over on and RSVP at the Facebook event page. If you can’t speak Slovene (don’t worry, you are not alone) or have an aversion to Facebook, here is the short version:

  • Event Title: You’ve Come a Long Way, Foxy (hat tip)
  • When: 19:00 on Wednesday, November 11
  • Where: Kiberpipa Kersnikova 6, 1000 Ljubljana (map)
  • What: 4-5 very short talks, followed by an evening of immense fun

The famous Firefox wine will be served. There will be cake. There will be blood. We are working on the music. Mozillians and party-lovers everywhere, you are invited.

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Firefox 5 in Slovenia
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