It has been over a week since I got back from SFK09 in Prishtina. I haven’t had time to write about it until now, but it is worth talking about.

I gave an overview talk on Mozilla activities titled ‘Firefox and the Open Web: Web Hacks, Add-ons, Jetpack, and More‘ (Slides: Google Docs | PDF | OpenOffice ODP) that was extremely well received. I got a rapturous applause before talking, unlike any talk I’ve given before. That cheer was for Mozilla. How great that Mozilla is still so popular.

I was interviewed by David Bailey on various things Open Source, what it means to me, and what it potentially means to the people of Kosovo. Check out the audio.

Can’t see the audio embedding? Click here.

Some more random thoughts:

  • James Mike DuPont is a hero for leading the way in organising the event. It looks like it will continue next year. Mike put it quite succinctly in his interview with David. His motivation is to help people get jobs, and move away from false economies like pirated software. Open Source gives you skills and job prospects. Simple.
  • The local team who helped out are also heroes. There are too many to mention. Thanks for everything.
  • Burek!
  • My Flickr Photo Set. All tagged sfk09.
  • The main currency used there is the Euro. I’m wondering if they will adopt their own currency.
  • The Firefox t-shirts were in huge demand, and I didn’t have enough to go around. I must try and bring more next time.
  • Was great to meet, amongst many others, Novica from the Macedonian Firefox l10n team.

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Software Freedom Kosovo Roundup

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