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Next weekend I am privileged to be attending and speaking at (Keynote, Sunday 30th) the Software Freedom Kosovo Conference in Prishtina. The event aims to bring together local developers and decision making folks with international visitors, to encourage further adoption of Free and Open Source Software in the region. There is a lot of energy to be tapped into in the region, and I am excited to be going.

Speaking of energy, Mozilla community member extraordinairre Besnik Bleta has been working tirelessly on putting together Mozilla Service Week flyers in Albanian to distribute at the event. I received them yesterday and we were panicking with our lack of printing options in the run up. So I mentioned this to Mary Colvig, who came to our rescue and rushed to a local printers to do the job. Thank you Mary! Luckily I have ample room in my luggage to take them back. A few exta kilos is no price to pay for getting the word out in another valuable local community. Local is what matters after all.

If you want to find out more about the event, get in touch. In the meantime, some relevant links to find out more:

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