If you are a Facebooker like myself, and put your photos there, now it is even easier to get the pictures online. In collaboration with Briks, the Facebook Toolbar for Firefox has a new upload feature in the recent 1.4 release. To activate, click on the picture icon on the right-most side of the toolbar.

Facebook Uploader Click here if you can’t see the image

The design is subject to change, but it does what it says on the box, getting your pictures online in batches, simply and fast. Sub-features include choosing albums, creating new albums, tagging, and adding metadata like title and description.

Facebook is now the #1 user-generated picture content hosting site online. So you are in good company. Let us know what you think.

Technical note: In Firefox 3.0 builds, upload progress is per photo. There is finer granularity in Firefox 3.5 due to the use of XHR progress events.

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Facebook Picture Uploads from Firefox
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