I never thought that it would come to this.

It was a tweet from Christoper Blizzard that I can’t find right now, or perhaps it was this blog post. So I put out a call. Lo and Behold, Marko Mrdjenovi?  (aka Fry, aka Slovene web dev extraordinaire) was listening. He didn’t know of an existing tool, so he went about the task of making one.

The result: tweecious



  • auto-discovery of  your twitter and delicious accounts
  • no login
  • runs in the background, unobtrusive
  • uses longurl API to find the real links from all those nasty short urls
  • use Zemanta‘s suggestion engine to pull in tags

So if you don’t want all those great links you are tweeting to get lost, go get tweecious! Thanks Fry.

It Started With A Tweet

2 thoughts on “It Started With A Tweet

  • 11-Apr-2009 at 20:37

    Test: Po vsej Sloveniji so blagoslavljali velikono?ne dobrote: tradicionalne pirhe, šunko in hren, pa tudi vodo in ogenj.

  • 11-Jul-2009 at 07:40

    A lot of things just start with a Tweet and then end up in weird places…


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