It has almost been a week since FOSDEM 2009 wrapped up. If you are reading this on Planet Mozilla you have probably seen all the reports/slides/pictures go by over the week relating to Mozilla happenings there. If you have missed them, or if you have something to add yourself, head over the wiki aftermath page. The highlight of the weekend was the FOSDEM dance, er Ireland beating France in the rugby six nations er the beer, er meeting fellow Mozillians and enjoying the great talks in the dev room.

Image by King Molan via Flickr

Some personal thoughts:

– I enjoyed hanging out with Marco Zehe and getting an insight into the work he is doing in accessibility and his perspective on life in general.

– Mike Connor’s talk on what’s coming beyond Firefox 3.1 got a lot of attention. He talked about a few things including uplift of Labs projects into Firefox, and what the next iteration of add-ons will look like from a technology perspective. On the latter I called him on some things like sandboxing and silent updates which come from the Google Chrome extensions design doc. But as Mike pointed out these ideas are nothing new and Mozilla have been talking for a long time about making extension development easier. It seems like what might happen if some sort of two tier add-ons system. Light weight extensions with a smaller reach and less privileges, complimented by light-weight themes like Personas. The existing system giving more privileges and power will be for heavy lifting add-ons.

– I like that we had some marketing and design content in the mix this year. There was John Slater’s talk, and the marketing workshop. I wanted so much to see John’s talk but had to head over to a workshop led by Paul Rouget on how the community model could be built on and changed to create more successulful Mozilla dev communities in Europe and indeed globally.

Finally, thanks to Mozilla Europe for sponsoring myself and the other community members to be there.

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