FOSDEM 2009 Creeping Up – Get Your Talk On

Axel Hecht already wrote about it, and herein is another reminder that there will be a big Mozilla presence again in Brussels on February 7-8 for the Free and Open Source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM). Bonus points

if you can say that mouthful 10 times in a row. If you have never been, believe me when I say it a unique experience and highly eventful and enjoyable.

The Grand Place in Brussels

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But my real motivation is to solicit session proposals for the Mozilla room. We’re leaning towards more dev talks and less l10n this year, but that by no means rules out a super hot l10n proposal. We are open to all aspects of the community, technical or otherwise. For example, John Slater has put forward a great proposal on ‘Building Mozilla’s visual design community’. We have still not chosen the speaker/topic list, so you still have time to put forward your proposal. To do so, go over the wiki proposals page and add in your idea, and the main FOSDEM page has more general information. If you have any questions, you can contact me via the comments or from this page.

Enjoy the holidays, over and out.

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One Reply to “FOSDEM 2009 Creeping Up – Get Your Talk On”

  1. Brian,
    Will you be doing a post FOSDEM break-down of the Mozilla events like the one you did for Add-on Con?
    Brian Marchant-Calsyn

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