Are young children well represented online? Well, if you judge only by the sheer number of sites directed at them, the answer would certainly be in the affirmative. But there is more to the online experience, and interaction and engagement as well as just consuming content are all important. And all that content can be overwhelming. As a parent myself, I spent ages online helping my daughter find a decent experience.

For the KidZ

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There is a new Firefox add-on called KidZui that makes things easy. We at Briks are proud to have worked on this for the KidZui team. It provides a custom browser and other features wrapped in a locked, secure environment. It provides over a million sites, pictures, games, and videos that have been checked allowing independent surfing. It also has social and sharing features.

If you have children, try it out and let us know what they think. There are still a few bugs to be fixed, but we will be putting out regular updates over the coming days and weeks.

P.S. Tip: Don’t just leave the kids on their own. Sit down with them sometimes when they are online, help them learn, and above all have fun.

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One for the KidZ
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One thought on “One for the KidZ

  • 29-Nov-2008 at 14:08

    Great stuff, Brian! I wish it’d be available in Slovene, too?


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