Some random thoughts on the weekend just passed in Paris.


Mozilla Addons Workshop (MAOW08)

Good venue, well equipped. The audience was spit into different perspectives but there were screens and televisions scattered around making sure every could see and hear the speakers.

– I enjoyed Wladimir‘s talk. It focused less on popups (or lack of them) and more on the community model and mechanics of maintaining a successful extension. Apparenly 5% of Firefox users approximately use AdBlock Plus, which converts to about 1% of the total Internet user population. Not small numbers on the grand scale of things.

– I did not follow the rest of the talks well, them being in French and all (I wish I studied more in school)! But from what I understood and heard from others, the quality bar was high.


– Met Patrick Finch of Mozilla Europe Marketing for the first time. We chatted over a pint of Guinness (not very Paris I know) on Saturday night and found out we had a lot in common. And David, it was a pleasure as always!

– Met a bunch of other interesting folks. Special mention goes to J.C. Combaz, the Founder and CEO of a French startup called OutWit. He was showing me their smart and powerful Firefox extension called OutWit Hub that scans and mines data from pages. Sometimes the word ‘extension’ does not do justice to software written on the Mozilla Platform. Try it out.

– And last but not least, kudos to William Quiviger, Paul Rouget, and the team for the organisational work. Looks like there will be more similar events upcoming.


The City

– Second visit, first in 2000 for XML Europe 2000.

– Ranks up there as one of my favourite ‘big cities’, if not the favourite. The atmosphere walking alone the Seine on a sunny day is unique.

– Did not talk to one rude Parisian. We need to start moving beyond stereotypes.

– Shops close on Sunday in Paris. This seems different to other major European cities.

– If you like taking photos, you are spoiled for choice. Some of mine are here.

Drinks and Olive Oil

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Paris Wrap-Up
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