Fotofox : Now Supporting Over 45 Destinations

UPDATE 2009-05-26: Pixelpipe was removed from the supported services in Fotofox version 1.3. Pixelpipe now have a dedicated uploader for Firefox.

Read all about it here:

Pixelpipe Announces Availability of Media Distributon Service for Social Web


What a great way to liberate your pictures and other media and get it out there.

Get Fotofox.

P.S. Zooomr is one of the supported Pixelpipe services, but version 1.1.1 of Fotofox now has it as a direct upload location.

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5 Replies to “Fotofox : Now Supporting Over 45 Destinations”

  1. Does FotoFox have a direct Upload to Facebook? Pixelpipe works but all the Photos are in 1 Group – I now have 1000 Photos + that seems to be a Limit*

    FotoFox is a Joy to use compared to the Crappy tools from Facebook!!

    Cheers + Thank U!! Billy Warhol ;))

  2. @BillyWarhol : Upload to Facebook is definitely something we are considering, although at this time I can not give any commitment on a firm timeframe.

  3. Wait a minute this doesn’t work with facebook??? That is a bit of a strange decision on the part of the programmer. Oh well…seemed like a great plugin to add.
    PS to developer: if you want non-photograph enthusiast people to use your program you should update the code to allow facebook. You will then expand your product into the mainstream.

  4. Hi,
    is it possible to have a feature where a link formatting appear after uploading pics?

    something like a window pops up providing codes to use! html bbcode direct link?
    that would be handy instead of visiting flickr to get the links from there!

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