Well, if the Songbird folks can do it, so can we!

Mozdev will be at OSCON this year from Weds 23 to Fri 26 July. Representing are David Boswell, Doug Warner, Eric Jung, Myk Melez, Nigel Howard, and Brian King. We are partly sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, and would like to express great appreciation for that.

What will we be doing there?
– Leading a BOF session on extension development, at 19:30 on Wednesday, the 23rd.
– Giving a “State Of” Lightning talk with other non-profit organisations.
– Having a Mozdev board meeting, the first ever in person.
– Volunteering at the Mozilla booth.

We hope to see current Mozdev project owners and site users there, but also would like to get new people on board. The Mozdev mission fits nicely into the OSCON ethos, and meeting people from other communities will be beneficial.

[Repost from Mozdev blog]

P.S. Congrats to Mozilla on getting the world record certificate. As they would say in the south of Ireland, it is a Mighty achievement.

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Mozdev @ OSCON 2008
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