My aspirations for living in a green oasis in the middle of Europe are being shattered by the day.

Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France

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First, the nuclear plant 15km from my home sparked an EU wide alert last week. Note to self – hold breath when I visit KrÅ¡ko for a few weeks and hope the wind blows the other way!

And then earlier this week, a bear attacked and killed a foal 2km away. Yikes. I need to cut the grass so the bears can’t hide there and spring out. Bears are not common here, 2 to 3 lurking around at any one time but they tend to shy away from people and hang out deep in the forest. There are bear regions in other parts of the country.

And lest we forget that quakes are not uncommon in these parts. So I’m just waiting for the sky to fall now, and the party will end with a bang. But before you think I am being morbid, I certainly don’t feel it. All these things add up to a heart thumping, blood flowing existence that makes you grab each day and make the most of it. The world has always been a dangerous place …. live it up.

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