Friday Snippets

Things are heating up for the summer. In no particular order, here is some news from the sunny side of the Alps.


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eLiberatica 2008 in Bucharest last week was a blast, not to mention a quality conference. It got the balance between Open Source and business just right, something many conferences fail to do. David Ascher has a blog post talking more about it. Now if only I could dig up that video of him dancing to 80s hits.

– I put some street shots of Bucharest up here, and for conference photos go here.

– If you can understand Romanian, here is an interview I did for eWeek Romania.

– Slovene (sl) locale of Firefox 3 has made beta. You can grab RC2 at the all-rc page.

– There is a major Firefox 3 release party brewing in Ljubljana. Find out more.

Enjoy your weekend!

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