A Note to Fotofox Users About Firefox 3

Update 2008-08-27 : Version 1.1, compatible with Firefox 3, has been released.


When will Fotofox be available for Firefox 3?

Official answer:

In short, it is coming, but I don’t have an exact timeline. I predict about 2 weeks.

Unofficial answer:

We (at Briks) have been up to our gills in other work and this never made it to the top of the queue. It has been FF3 compatible a while now for the most part, but we got stuck on an XPCOM registration issue that broke some services, including Flickr, and have not had a chance to revisit.

Sincere apologies to Fotofox users and in the meantime I recommed using one of the tools recommended from the photo service that you use.

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11 thoughts on “A Note to Fotofox Users About Firefox 3

  1. Why not make this a priority since many people depend on your program. I really need Fotofox!

  2. I’m agree with Karen.
    I desperately depend on FotoFox to upload massive amounts of photographs to my Flickr account due to my work.
    I’ve been waiting since Firefox 3 came out to see this great extension availiable…
    So please, take care… we need FotoFox!!
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  3. Me too, I love the flexibility and simplicity of choosing photosets, naming, etc. It’s a great add-on, so bring on the FF3 version!

  4. I have not yet upgraded to FF3 on my home PC because I’ll miss your add-on too much! Thanks for making it, and I am intently waiting for the new version.

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